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ApicoAMP / Instructions for converting to MAC OS X compatible .app file

  • Download pyinstaller 1.5 from

  • First, unpack the archives ( and on your path of choice. (Installer is not a Python package, so it doesn't need to go in site-packages)

  • Open the Terminal app, change directories to the location of "pyinstaller-1.5", and type the following commands in order:


    python --onefile pathToApicoAMP/

Note: pathToApicoAMP in this command should be replaced by the path resides. This command will prepare a spec file, and the path/name of the prepared spec file will be printed to the screen, this path/name should be provided to the next command

  • Before running the next command, add the following lines at the end of the spec file prepared with the previous command:
import sys
if sys.platform.startswith("darwin"):
    app = BUNDLE(exe,
                 name=os.path.join('dist', ''),

and run the following command:

```python pathToSpecfile/specfile```

Note: pathToSpecfile/specfile in this command should be replaced by the path/name of the spec file prepared by the last command. These commands should create a folder under "pyinstaller-1.5" folder named "ApicoAMP". Under "ApicoAMP/dist" folder, should reside. Copy this file under the folder "ApicoAMP" (in which resides) and launch it from there.

Please cite the following paper if you are using this tool:

Cilingir, Gokcen, Audrey OT Lau, and Shira L. Broschat. "ApicoAMP: The first computational model for identifying apicoplast-targeted transmembrane proteins in Apicomplexa." Journal of microbiological methods 95.3 (2013): 313-319.