Brand Patterns

Theme Name: Brand Patterns

Theme Description: Theme for Brand Patterns.

Developers name(s): May Day

Stash repository URL:

Dependencies necessary to work with this theme: Sass.

Other notes, comments, or reminders:

  1. Copy the files you want from the WVU Brand Patterns theme into your new theme.
  2. Paste the following commands in Terminal from within your theme's top-level directory: sass --watch scss/styles.scss:stylesheets/styles.css and, in a new terminal window inside your theme, sass --watch scss/ie8.scss:stylesheets/ie8.css or use Gulp to compile your Sass.
  3. Test your theme in Hammer.
  4. Push and sync your theme in CleanSlate.

Need some help? Read the CleanSlate documentation.

Gulp & Brand Patterns

Requirements * NodeJS

You will need to install Node ~0.12.2

  1. Download and install NodeJS from if you haven't already.
  2. Install Gulp globally by entering npm install -g gulp in your terminal.
  3. Navigate to your project's directory via terminal (something like cd ~/Sites/cleanslate_themes/MY-SITE)
  4. Install node modules by typing npm install
  5. Run Gulp by typing gulp.

Note: the gulpfile.js in its base form will only compile your Sass.