Create separate temporary directories for mscolab users

Issue #518 closed
Shivashis Padhi created an issue

Presently, we assume that only one user is using mscolab in a system at a particular time. So all the temporary files(mostly temp_mscolab.ftml) is stored as a global /tmp/X directory.

If we plan to allow users to do separate editing of ftml files, this would be the first step. To make separate /tmp/X/user directory for each user.

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  1. Prayas Jain

    @Shivashis Padhi I will like to contribute to this issue. Although the windows installation procedure is being buggy right now so I am not able to install it right now.

  2. Shivashis Padhi reporter

    Hi @Prayas Jain , could you try joining the slack channel regarding a discussion about installation issues in windows? You can get an invite by emailing
    @Reimar Bauer mentioning you for reference.

  3. Prayas Jain

    Okay, so I started working on this issue, but I don’t think there is any actual way to test it since the application breaks while trying to connect to the server.

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