Corona Tiled

Library for connecting Corona SDK with Tiled Map Editor


  • Extendable selector for objects defined in tilemap (lua export format)
  • Mapping from Tiled tileset to Corona image sheet (only tilesets - not single images - are currently supported)
  • Tiled "polyline" conversion to Corona polygon or physics body shape


  • Nothing happens under the hood. Each element has to be retrieved (using selector) and used the way developer wants.
  • Strict layer separation. Corona code doesn't touch Tiled map structure, but takes all needed informations from proxy objects.
  • No programming in Tiled - only level design and object positioning (lua language is better suited for programming than Tiled)

Repository structure

  • The whole repo is Corona SDK project
  • Library code resides in tiled directory (it can be included in other project by copying or creating symlink)
  • Code snippets can be found in main.lua (it is also very simple test suite which is executed after corona simulator starts)
  • corona.lua module contains helper methods which usually can do common operations on selector results

Currently supported object types

  • image (rectangle with image) -> Object
  • tileset -> table of Tile
  • rectangle -> Rectangle
  • polyline -> Shape

Object custom properties

  • id (string)
  • class (string values separated by space)
  • offsetX (applies only for Shape and is used for adjusting shape position to match exactly i.e. some image physics body)
  • offsetY (the same as above, but for Y axis)


  • create selector
local exportedTable = require "exported"
local tiledSelector = require "tiled.selector"
local selector = tiledSelector.create(exportedTable)

Tilemap has to be exported to exported.lua file and placed in project directory.

  • get object by id
local proxyObject = selector.getObjectById("some-unique-id")

You have to set custom property id with (string) value some-unique-id in Tiled map editor object property inspector.

  • display object above
local image = corona.newImage(proxyObject)

This helper method takes object found by selector as an argument and returns regular Corona SDK DisplayObject

  • add polygonal shape physics body to image
local corona = require "tiled.corona"

local object = selector.getObjectById('some-unique-id')
local shape = selector.getObjectById('shape-for-my-object')
local params = {shape=shape.points, density=3.0, friction=0.5, bounce=0.3}
local image = corona.newImage(object)
physics.addBody(image, params)
  • extend selector with method
local index = require "tiled.index"
local adapter = require "tiled.adapter"
local physics = require "physics"

    index.One2Many("byGid", "tileGid")
  ), function(index)
    return {
      findObjectsByTileGid = function(gid)
        return index.byGid[gid]

This adds method findObjectsByTileGid to selector. Object must contain tileGid attribute to be indexed (and found) by method.

  • for more examples see main.lua module