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Zenbooru (全ボール) is a client for image boards implementing the Gelbooru v0.2, Danbooru (v1 & v2) and Moebooru APIs and supporting sites.

Click here for a list of sites known to work with Zenbooru.



  • Aggregates results from multiple image boards at once, merging duplicate images and their tags into a single image.
  • Supports images (png, jpeg, gif, bmp, webp, svg) and videos (webm, mp4).
  • Downloads and shows formatted translation notes over content.
  • Preloads next images/videos for a smoother viewing experience.
  • Content is king and is always visible and automatically resized to fit the window.
  • The sidebar and settings menu fades in from the side discreetly and doesn't disturb you unless requested.
  • Thumbnail strip that supports scrolling horizontally with vertical only scroll wheels.
  • Easily add as many new sites as you want in the "☰ Settings" menu.
  • Converts animated gifs into videos (via gyfcat) before downloading for smoother playback and smaller file sizes.
  • Images tagged pixel_art or oekaki use nearest neighbour (instead of the usual bilinear) interpolation and so aren't blurry when scaled.
  • RFC2324 compliant.

Where to get:


Open Beta testing google group

The Android version of Zenbooru is currently free and in open beta, join the google group above and get download access on Google play to try it.

Limited time offer!

Leave any feedback (good or bad) on the google group above during the open beta period and get a free copy of Zenbooru for Android upon release (expected release price $0.99 or £0.72). The PC version and source code will always remain free.


You can either just download and run the portable version (runs on Windows, Linux or OSX):

Requires Google Chrome (or Chromium) to be installed first.

  1. Download and extract this zip file (v0.4.6) somewhere.
  2. Run (double-click) start.anyOS.bat.

Or get installation packages for your specific platform here:

How to use:

  • The sidebar is hidden by default and is shown by moving your mouse towards the left edge (side configurable) of the window.
  • The sidebar contains the search bar, the "highest rating" preference for searches, a list of tags for the current image, and finally a link to download said image.
  • The + sign adds the tag beside it to your current search.
  • The - sign excludes the tag beside it from your current search.
  • The sign reverts the tag beside it so that it is neither included nor excluded from your current search.
  • The thumbnail strip is also hidden by default and is shown by moving your mouse towards the bottom edge of the window.
  • Scrolling down or up over the thumbnail strip will scroll one thumbnail to the left or right respectively.
  • Clicking on a thumbnail will jump straight to that image or video.
  • To move to the next image or video either left-click on the offending image, press the right arrow key or press the period key ., or click the "Forwards >>" button in the sidebar.
  • To move to the previous image or video either right-click on the offending image, press the left arrow key or press the comma key ,, or click the "<< Backwards" button in the sidebar.
  • Holding shift while pressing any of those keyboard keys (but not the mouse clicks) will move by 10 images instead of just 1.
  • Middle clicking the image or video toggles a 100% zoom mode (i.e. the content's natural size, not resized to fit the window) and dragging the image or video will pan it.
  • To toggle fullscreen mode, press F11.

Plan to add:

  • APNG support.
  • More image boards.
  • Comments and other metadata.
  • Add button to expand thumbnail strip into larger window with multiple rows.
  • Site login & authentication.
  • Cross-site tag mapping, e.g. one site might use the photoshop tag while another uses image_manipulation instead (might be out of scope and better done in a locally run cacher/aggregator service).