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I'd like to have the ability to filter out the file types available for streaming. I use serviio mostly to stream pictures, not videos or movies. Here's my example:

I am a photographer. I shoot in RAW format and convert the RAW files to jpg's. My folder structure is such that I keep the RAW files in the same folder as the JPG's. The problem? I have no way to tell Serviio to ignore the RAW files, so when viewing pictures on my TV I see each image twice, first the JPG, then the RAW. Of course, the RAW file is much bigger so it takes longer to load. This makes it a time consuming and, frankly, slightly annoying to watch slide shows.

For me, this would mean that I would have to go back and reorganize hundreds of folders on my computer to separate the RAW files from the JPG's. I'm guessing that many others have the same folder structure as I do.

Would it be very difficult to add a "file types" check box to the serviio console so you can tell it to ignore certain file types while indexing?

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  1. Andrey Simakov

    Any chances to implement this feature? I'm just wondering. Leica's DNGs annoy during JPEG thread review.

  2. Andrey Simakov

    a list of ignored file extensions should do. per folder or a server-wide?

    Well. I'd say both. Because if they are RAW files from different cameras, you might want completely avoid them due to their decoding is a quite expensive task. Though there may be different use cases. Another question is implementation. Marked folder covers subfolders or not? How to do it: mark folders in the console or put a file for ex. .ignore_media with enumerated formats through a file manager in a file system. Server-wide might be via enumeration of file extensions in the console. Just thoughts.

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