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em-trainer / EM Trainer Change Log

This is the complete change log for the EM Trainer project. The latest release information is listed first.

26 Dec 2017

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone! I brought you update gifts.

  • Move from neocities to a host that allows more advanced work in the backend and also ensures HTTPS for your safety. Existing game links to Neocities will forward to the new host at
  • Stroke and ending captions now have multiple variants! No more is the same text shown all the time.
  • Instructions now change based on the options selected.
  • Stroke captions can now be disabled for timer/metronome-only use.
  • Like and Edge buttons now disable themselves to prevent triggering of multiple timers which do awful terrible things to games.
  • Timer pie now tries to size itself so it fits better on phones and doesn't obstruct buttons.
  • Starting a game now auto-scrolls which should make the game a little cleaner for mobile users.
  • FIXED: Timer didn't hide on Chrome on Android. I've beat it into submission.
  • Groundwork laid to add captions for each image, and allow game creators to customize lots of text at their delight.
  • Removed sponsorship button. No one wanted to support the work.
  • All libraries updated to latest stable versions.

17 Nov 2017

  • Changed pre-loading of images to be much nicer to Tumblr, and to the person's computer.
  • Changed copy link to be a nicer click-button-thing.
  • Added a Share to Facebook button.
  • Re-organized text labels for fields to be more readable.

15 Nov 2017

  • Added basic image pre-loading

12 Nov 2017

  • Added timer opacity setting to make it easier to use for individuals.
  • FIXED multiple image sources refreshing the queue might start slide timers off more than once, making the game look like it has gone insane.

29 Oct 2017

  • Add support for multiple Tumblr blogs
  • Add support page if folks feel financially inclined to help out.

25 Oct 2017

  • Update lots of code to make it more bulletproof, reliable and faster.
  • Finally got around to adding field validation to the Tumblr blog field.
  • Added a disclaimer for visitors in the interest of being a responsible mad scientist.

15 Oct 2017

  • FIXED Buttons weren't clickable
  • Added a link to a new wiki page for other tools that may interest the audience.

12 Oct 2017

  • Implement client storage management. Parts of the app that leverage it can now save to Cookies if Local Storage isn't supported.
  • Implement a settings tab built around client storage management.
  • Implement a button floater. The Like and Edge buttons can now appear on the bottom, left or right of the game screen. The setting stays with the browser. Tablet users can now but the action buttons on the left or right for easier mashing during a game.
  • Made tabs look prettier.
  • Improved the readability of sections that appear when checkboxes are hit.

01 Oct 2017

  • Implemented the first part of edge enforcement. New checkbox enables an edging button. Clicking draws a random time configured by form.

27 Sep 2017

  • Improved look and feel for game page with changes in navigation.
  • Added a workaround to limit the number of failures in loading Tumblr images. There is no clear way to fix it at this time but I'll work on it.
  • Refactored some code as part of general clean-up
  • Moved change log to this wiki.

22 Sep 2017

  • FIXED: Metronome was not working in Firefox. Duct tape leveraged. Thank you tckt78 for the report.

20 Sep 2017

  • Added the metronome feature. Existing links will not have it. New links will.
  • Added information that will probably help find the aplication on Google or other search engies should they exist.

06 Sep 2017

  • Tap the like button during playback to save the picture to the Like tab for later browsing.

03 Sep 2017

  • New History tab lists the games you started. Local storage support required. Does not work in private browsing mode. ** Addendum: Original upload had broken localStorage code. Clear your cache and try again.
  • All required fields are now required.
  • Fields that never change aren't included in the URL anymore. Previous game links will continue to work.
  • Moved update notes to Changes tab.
  • Added a few more quick link options.
  • Added copyright and licensing.

26 Aug 2017

  • FIXED if an image Tumblr provides is actually broken, keep on keeping on.
  • FIXED quick links weren't actually working.
  • FIXED truly random option wasn't working. Thank you tckt78.

19 Aug 2017

  • Fix layouts in prep for game screen expansion.
  • Center timer on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Added quick links to quickly fill-in common times for game duration.
  • Choose random ending type, not just "yes or no".
  • Min duration is now 1 (was 5). Max is 360 (was 240).
  • Min and max strokes per image are now bounded.
  • Stroke rate mins is now between 30 and 240 (was 30 and 180).
  • Stroke reate max is now between 60 and 300 (was 120 and 240).
  • Timers are now rounded in prep for a metronome.
  • FIXED images not loading all the way on first slide.
  • FIXED timer not loading because it tried starting at the same time an image loaded.

15 Aug 2017

  • Added stroke enforcement by timer and pie chart, disabling click or tap-to-advance.
  • Filter out duplicate images from Tumblr pulls.
  • Add "Make your own game" link.

08 Aug 2017

  • Added rounding of strokes to multiples of 5.
  • Made denial language a little more mean.
  • Actually made the game end at the conclusion.

07 Aug 2017

  • Added orgasm variety.
  • Show URL on Play.
  • Change caption font to cover up the image less.
  • Prevent continuing if the player makes it to the end.
  • Update analytics.
  • Removed a gap at bottom of the page during the game.

06 Aug 2017

  • Initial release