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What is Atlasboard and how it works

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Installing Atlasboard

Installing Atlasboard is a breeze, restating the process from

  • Install Node.js (0.8 or above)

  • Install AtlasBoard using npm: npm install -g atlasboard

  • Create your new dashboard atlasboard new mydashboard

  • Change directory into your new dashboard directory cd mydashboard

  • Start your dashboard atlasboard start 3333

Check it out at http://localhost:3333/

Zapiboard package

Prebuilt sample widgets and jobs using ZAPI, can easily be installed as sub-modules within your Atlasbord.



In your existing atlasboard, just type this:

git submodule add packages/zapiboard

Voila! You should now be able to see zapiboard inside your packages directory.

As a result of command atlasboard new mydashboard, sample packages "demo" and "default" are created to get you started. You might want to remove or reuse them.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 1.26.02 PM.png


  • executionActivity: Displays most recent twenty executions filtered by a given ZQL.
  • executionMetrics: Standard execution metrics by Cycle for a given project and version.
  • executionProgress: Executed v/s Unexecuted Testcase count for a project.
  • executionTrend: Daily execution Trend for past 30 days!


  • executionActivityJob: Fetches execution activity from ZFJ via ZAPI
  • executionMetricsJob: Fetches standard execution Metrics
  • executionProgressJob: Fetches and collects total counts for each status
  • executionTrend: Fetches Trend data from JIRA Server via ZAPI.