Please add array_agg function (add a series of PG ARRAY functions)

Issue #3132 resolved
Chris Hofstaedtler
created an issue

PostgreSQL has this nice array_agg function, and it'd be awesome if sqlalchemy would know that it's return type is of ARRAY(type of thing passed in).

BTW, Thanks for making SQLAlchemy!

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    oh you need to pass it through, then this one:

    from sqlalchemy.sql.functions import ReturnTypeFromArgs
    class array_agg(ReturnTypeFromArgs):

    feel free to test the feature there and let me know if _type_from_args() works in the case of ARRAY(something).

  2. Michael Bayer repo owner
    • Added support for the SQL-standard function :class:.array_agg, which automatically returns an :class:.Array of the correct type and supports index / slice operations. As arrays are only supported on Postgresql at the moment, only actually works on Postgresql. fixes #3132

    → <<cset cfae9c2eaf00>>

  3. Sebastian Bank

    Thanks! (with string_agg the call looks a little suprising, right?)

    Maybe the docs can give a hint to wrap array_agg in type_coerce(..., postgresql.ARRAY) if one wants to use contains or other postgres-specific methods.

  4. Michael Bayer repo owner

    we can make that easier but for the moment you can send a list of items as a sqlalchemy.sql.expression.ClauseList. Send a PR to make this more part of the API (see how Selectable.order_by does it).

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