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  • I'm not able to select my games folder ?
    The games folder should be written 'games' (all lowercase)

  • Where can I found the XKeyBrew log file ?
    Log file can be found here: {application directory}/bin/log.txt

    Note: on MacOSX, right click on the application then select Show Packages Content

  • I'm getting an Invalid Game Iso message on my xkey ?
    Unfortunately there is no magical answer to this error.. It's not related to XKeyBrew itself but hereafter are a few things you could check that others have been reported as working for them:

    • Your HDD is in NTFS
    • Your 'games' folder is correctly spelled (ie. lowercase)
    • Your games folder is on the primary partition of your HDD
    • You have properly installed and configured your xkey (drive key, ...)
    • You have the latest xkey firmware installed
    • Your games are verified with abgx

  • How many games are supported by the dvd-menu feature ?
    Currently only 99 games are supported. XKeyBrew can generate a dvd-menu of hundreds of games (tested with 432) but the xkey will not load any game upper than 99. This is still something I need to further investigate.

    Anyway, I would not recommend to build dvd-menus with so much games. DVDStyler can take a lot of time to build a dvd-menu and could even failed in the process and make you restart it all over again. If I remember right it took almost 40min to build the dvd menu of 432 items.

    What I suggest however is to use the app to manage the whole bunch of backups you have (there is no limitation) and just select a smaller set that you want to be part of the dvd-menu. I don't think you need to have access to more than 100 games at a time and since it's slow to rebuild everything every time, just keeping a subset of 80 or less (4 to 5 min to build with DVDStyler) could be a good compromise.

  • Can i change the dvd menu resolution, like changing it to HD ?
    No you can't. HD is not supported by dvd specifications

  • I was used to have xml and jpg all over the place, are they still necessary ?
    There is no more jpg, png or xml files generated (everything is now saved in an embedded database)
    But note that even if XKeyBrew do not use them anymore, they are still used by the web interface.

  • DVDStyler freezes during the build process
    DVDStyler is not perfectly stable. Try to build the dvd menu again or alternatively try to do it in separate steps:

    • build the dvds file with XKeyBrew,
    • open it with DVDStyler and build the dvd menu iso from there,
    • go back to XKeyBrew and use it to finish the process.

  • DVDStyler failed to launch with file not found error
    Make sure that the path to DVDStyler application does not contain any white spaces
    (ex: "/path with blank/" will not work whereas "/path_without_blank/" will)

Bug Reports

First step, please make sure that the bug hasn't already been reported.

Then if your bug is truly new or if you have an idea for enhancement just use the issue tracker.

  • Attach the application log file to your bug report

    Log file can be found in the bin folder located in the application installation directory.

  • Write precise steps to reproduce

    If you remember what you were doing at the time the bug occurred, please add this to the bug report, as this is frequently much more important than the file log itself.


  • Translation

    Simply fill a new ticket in the issue tracker with either the errors you found or the new translation you have made.

    Materials available:

  • Theme

    You are free and welcome to share your themes on the Themes section.

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    To post a new theme just do as follow:

    • clone the wiki: $ git clone

    • create a new folder in themes directory (name it with no white spaces)

    • add your theme as a zip file + screenshots for the menu view and details view

    • update file at the root of the wiki and add a new section for your theme

    • use git to commit and push your changes

    You can also send me copy of your theme and i will upload it for you.

  • Wiki

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  • Support

    As a volunteer-based individual i'm working on this project on my free time.

    Any contribution to the project are very much appreciated and helps me maintain the application and develop new features.

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