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XKeyBrew / Themes

You are free and welcome to share your themes on this section (see more info in the FAQ)
To install a theme just unzip its content to the XKeyBrew/app/themes folder and refresh the theme list.

XKeyBrew (bundled with the app)

xkeybrew-menu xkeybrew-details

XKeyBrew Light (bundled with the app)

xkeybrew-light-menu xkeybrew-light-details

Ayala Gray (by Ayala) (bundled with the app)

ayala-gray-menu ayala-gray-details

Ayala Pink (by Ayala) (bundled with the app)

ayala-pink-menu ayala-pink-details

City (by Koala0145) (bundled with the app)

city-menu city-details

W8 (by Koala0145) (bundled with the app)

w8-menu w8-details

Halo 4 (by Jopa87) (bundled with the app)

halo-4-menu halo-4-details

Avenged Sevenfold (by Avenged Sevenfold) (User Created)

Avenged Sevenfold-menu Avenged Sevenfold-details

GreenDarkness v1.0 (byReloxX) (User Created)

GreenDarkness-menu GreenDarkness-details

Shelves (by itsmeee) (User Created)

Shelves-menu Shelves-details