Angular Rate Unit Discrepancy

Issue #11 resolved
Luke Armbruster created an issue


I noticed a difference in the units commented in code (dispatch.h) and those in the ncomman PDF for the angular rates. I'm wondering whether the units are 10^(-5) rad/s or 10^(-4) rad/s.

  int32_t gyro_x :24; // 1e-4 rad/s
  int32_t gyro_y :24; // 1e-4 rad/s
  int32_t gyro_z :24; // 1e-4 rad/s


Also, if there a theoretical bound on the value for yaw rate? I dug through the PDF but couldn't find bounds for it if there are any (beyond the max/min for a 24 bit signed float).

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  1. Kevin Hallenbeck

    Good catch. The implementation was correct, but the comments about the units for linear acceleration and angular rate were backwards.

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