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This tool has been created to replace the built in Steam backup and restore utility. Generally speaking it will compress games faster and/or smaller (depending on the settings) than the default backup feature in Steam. This tool also tends to be a lot more stable and it doesn't break the file into segments unlike the utility built into steam.

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Main Features

  • Includes a command line interface so you can setup scheduled backups.
  • After the initial Backup you have the ability to only backup games that have been updated since the previous update.
  • Choose what games to backup and restore.
  • Choose to restore to an alternative steam library.*
  • Automatically installs games after restore.*
  • Fully multithreaded and optimized for up to 8 core CPUs.
  • Choose the compression level and how many thread to use.
  • Will only use "spare" CPU time.
  • Can automatically find steam folder.
  • Checks online for new updates.
  • High compression ratio due to 7z's excellent LZMA and LZMA2 compression algorithms.

(* If the game uses steams new cache format and this cache has the correct information available.)


This program requires .NET Framework 4.0 to run.