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EVEMon / NewFeatures

This page lists the various new features and bug fixes in the next release. Developers will be updating this page as and when the new features/enhancements/bug fixes have been committed to the repository and therefore should be in the next release unless something comes up in testing... or we just don't like it!

What's coming Next?

Work will be starting very soon on adding full support for Citadels to EVEMon, along with a variety of bug fixes.

Breaking Changes

  • Minimum .NET Framework version required is 4.6.1.

Contributors for this version

  • Ashilta
  • JimiC
  • Elliena Bulmer

New Features

  • Unfortunately, no new features are provided in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug wich caused exceptions to be thrown in the skill planner when no plan was loaded
  • Fixed a bug which caused issues parsing the details of a users wallet following trades in Citadels
  • Fixed a bug where the EVEMon installer was unable to see more recent versions of the .NET Framework
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling through the skill queue would occasionally throw a 'System.DivideByZero' exception


  • EVEMon has been brought up-to-date with the latest version of the EVE SDE.


  • An issue where the pre-requisites of the Advanced Weapon Upgrades were listed incorrectly is resolved by updating the SDE

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