no access to alternate entities.

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Issue #62 resolved
yarrmateys created an issue

mainly wither skeleton and zombie pigman.

wither skeleton still refers to itself as skeleton and uses skeleton's script, and its pictures. when a script points to entity Skeleton, both normal and wither use it. when it points to WitherSkeleton, neither uses it.

zombie pigman doesn't act as if it's enabled, right clicking it doesn't give the missing script error. it also gives this:

[Server thread/INFO] [MobTalker2.InteractionRegistry]: Entity 'type:ZombiePigman' does not have an adapter initializer. Interactions are not enabled.

version 0.6.1 but since it's not yet on the list, yeah. forge

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  1. Chimaine
    • changed status to open

    Seems like something changed the loading order of some flags in 1.8 and the Skeleton type flag isn't set when the EntityConstructing event is fired. Should be easily fixable by lazily obtaining the type, but I need to test if this negativly affects anything else.

    Ah and Zombie Pigman aren't actually enabled right now. Sorry about that.

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