Delta Grimer Respawns

Issue #2 resolved
Former user created an issue

When fighting Delta Grimer, he keeps respawning on top of the player. So basically you are forced to battle with him for eternity.

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  1. toshiXX69 .

    same im stuck forever also i dont have a sprite for grimer is that part of the bug or something went wrong when i download the patch

  2. Gus Ziliotto

    a workaround I found is killing all my pokemons and fainting (there goes my nuzlocke challenge, but oh well.

  3. Andrew Hartley

    Catching the grimer doesn't stop the respawn either, in case anyone hadn't tried that yet or something

  4. Evil Pizza

    Um, I have a flying type in my team, how do I get it to kill my team?

    EDIT: Try pressing "P" to restore the map, might not work first time, but eventually does.

  5. Victor Levoso

    i find a way to solve it,when you defeat or catchthe pokemon you have a chance to open the menu before it atacks you again, if you use he quarz flute he cant atack you when you are in the selection menu and he will keep moving so you can run for your life

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