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Welcome to the F.E.A.R ServerShield v2.1 (SEC2) Wiki.


SEC2 is a brand new server patch for F.E.A.R. Dedicated Server v1.08 (Win32/Linux) that offers new features and improved security.

The concept is based on the original SEC server patch (created by Sinew), but the code has been re-written entirely from scratch based on the F.E.A.R v1.08 SDK.


  • Supports a new batch of F.E.A.R. Combat cd-keys available @
  • Full backwards compatibility with existing F.E.A.R v1.08 client
  • Multiple SCMD login capabilities and secure login process
  • Re-implemented SEC features from scratch (cmd_slay, cmd_team, etc.)
  • Re-implemented SEC hack detection from scratch (SPEED_HACK, INFINITEAMMO_HACK, etc.)
  • Support for up to 64 players
  • Fixes for multiple server crash bugs
  • New admin commands for issuing warnings (cmd_warnuser, cmd_burn, cmd_fry, cmd_energy)
  • New admin command to balance teams (cmd_balance)
  • New admin command to mute player chat messages (cmd_mute)
  • New admin command to lock players into spectator mode (cmd_forcespectate)
  • Ability to dynamically update IP bans from in-game without a server restart (cmd_banip, cmd_unbanip, cmd_listipbans)
  • BanIPList.txt is now saved properly in Linux after a server restart
  • Ability to dynamically change SCMD password from in-game (cmd_chgpass)
  • Admin broadcasts for client connects/disconnects, hack warnings, private messages etc.
  • Reserved slots system based on cd-key GUID
  • Ping management system for auto-kick of high pingers
  • Support for Master Server Mirrors.
  • Implements Whitelist mode.
  • Join Mod Servers from the Ingame Server List.
  • More not listed here.
  • More new features and fixes still to come

How to use

Current Versions

  • Linux: v2.1.0 (2019 Oct 30)
  • Win32: v2.1.1 (2023 Jul 05)

  • Changelog


No files available for download yet. Please check back soon.


Full Server List


  • [eAu]Phreeze
  • =MXT=Fred.cpp