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Debug mode


POPStarter has an embedded debug mode. It’s ON by default in SMB mode (and it can’t be turn OFF in this mode) and it can be turn ON in HDD and USB modes. Use debug mode when something is wrong in your setup.

How to enable POPStarter debug mode :


  1. Launch PPF-O-Matic ;
  2. Click on “Load CD Image file” (first floppy icon) ;
  3. Change file type from “CD Image file” to “All files” ;
  4. Browse to POPSTARTER.ELF location and select it ;
  5. Click on “Load PPF file” (second floppy icon) ;
  6. Browse to DEBUG_AND_HALT.PPF location and select it ;
  7. Click “Apply” and you’re done. Do not forget to rename POPSTARTER.ELF before using it.
  • Advanced method : hexedit POPSTARTER.ELF. See POPStarter Configuration Table here.

Take note of the debug message and ask/report it @ASSEMblergames if you need more help.