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Quick start guide for USB :

(updated ~ 2020/02/09)

This is a step-by-step basic guide for new POPStarter users. If you are already familiar with POPStarter, you don’t need it. Quickstarter pack includes last POPStarter version (Rev 13 Beta 2019/06/05).


Step-by-step :

a) Installing the emulator :

Since POPS (the emulator) is copyrighted by SONY, it can not be redistributed with POPStarter. You have to find it. It’s made of 1 file (for USB mode).

POPS_IOX.PAK - MD5 : a625d0b3036823cdbf04a3c0e1648901
  1. Find and download POPS_IOX.PAK ;
  2. Create a directory named POPS at the root of your USB device ;
  3. Copy POPS_IOX.PAK into POPS directory you’ve just created.

b) Installing your PS1 Games :

POPStarter/POPS doesn’t support PS1 disc images as .iso – but only as .VCD.

  1. Create a disc image of your PS1 game as .BIN/.CUE ;
  2. Drag & drop your .CUE file over CUE2POPS.EXE to convert your BIN/CUE disc image to .VCD file (you can convert several games at once by running BULK_CUE2POPS.BAT) ;
  3. Put your .VCD files in mass:/POPS directory.

c) Installing POPStarter :

  1. Rename the POPStarter ELF as the name of your VCDs, replace the .VCD extension with a .ELF extension, add the XX. prefix (example : for running a VCD named “Crash Bandicoot.VCD”, the POPStarter ELF must be renamed as “XX.Crash Bandicoot.ELF”) ;
  2. Copy the ELFs in mass:/POPS.

Now, check your setup. It must be the same as this one :


=> to launch your game, run XX.GAME.ELF.

Note : tired of renaming tons of ELF files ? Put uLE_kHn_20191110/BOOT in mc0:/BOOT folder and put POPSTARTER.ELF (not renamed) in mass:/POPS directory. This special uLE version can launch .VCD directly – just like you would do for any .ELF file.


Need help ? Ask over at PSX-Place.


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