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Contributed code

Users of Codea have published code they have developed:

  • on this page below are various links to code for games, toys, simulations and other programs; and
  • Libraries: libraries are pieces of code that are intended to be used in more than one project.

Note Clicking on a link will take you to another site. Neither TwoLivesLeft nor any of the authors of the wiki pages can be held responsible for external sites. Please report inappropriate or broken links on the forum.

See this page for advice on copying code in to Codea.


Eat Me - iTarum

Eat Me Code

Exspansion - Skythecoder

Exspansion Code

Space Invaders - West

Space Invaders Code

Asteroides - Juaxix

Asteroides Code

MágYica Gems - Juaxix

MagYica Gems Code

Tower VS Zombies - Juaxix

Tower VS Zombies Code

PacMan - Ruilov

PacMan code Installer

Atari Enduro - Ruilov

Atari Enduro Code

Pigs In Clover - Ruilov

Pigs In Clover Code

Shoot Babbles - Alex812a

Shoot Babbles Code

Snake 3d - Alex812a

Snake 3d Code

TapTap by Jihem

Mine Field - Tokout

Mine Field Code

Finger Chaser - Niorg

Finger Chaser Code


Fireworks - Rob rain

Minimalist drawing program - Brab

Particle Fountain - UglyMike

The fountain is affected by gravity and will follows your finger/stylus

Particel - iTarum

Move finger over the screen for power the particles. fa pannel change the different modes. All other panels change size, sinusfx,cosinusfx and so on..

Random Trees - Nat Pryce

Tap the screen to grow a new random tree.

Random Little Houses - Simeon

Draws a random set of houses on hills



Artificial life - iPad41001

Celestial mechanics - brab

Conway's Game of Life - Jguise

Flame Challege - iPad41001

How to explain what a flame is to an 11-year-old. Shows several versions to show steps to building.

Living Images - iPad41001

An exploration in using the values of an image() as a data store for image behavior.

Small Demo Routines

These are small routines which help show the capabilities of Codea Lua through small examples. They can also demonstrate interesting and spectacular effects from little code. Study of these can help with learning how to structure code and understand the syntax used. Bear in mind many of these routines could be improved, compacted and refined but could be less readable for new users.

Nodes by Bri_G

A small routine to imitate the build up of local networks Code is available at GitHub.
This was improved in the following links:
Modified by pepinganos and modified again by pepinganos

pepinganos modification 1 pepinganos modification 2

Particles by Bri_G

Lots of colourful bouncing balls
Particles with limitless energy constrained to a box

Particles from emitter by Bri_G

Small particles fired from a tube then fall with gravity.
Particles fired from an emitter fall with gravity

Various Star Fields by Bri_G

From a basic static backdrop to a 3D scrollable matrix of stars. These applications don't lend themselves to small pictures - after all they are mainly just dots. Loading up the code, running and adding further stars is worth trying if you're interested.

Rotating Sphere of spheres by Bri_G

A bigger demo than the others, a sphere built from a matrix of smaller spheres, I think quite a good one.
A snapshot of the sphere

Modified rotating sphere by Inviso

Inviso added a 'Star Wars' effect to the small spheres, to enhance the impression of movement.
A snapshot of the Inviso Sphere variant

Koch Tree Fractal by Bri_G

An adaptation of the Processing example, with some modifications to run on the Pad. Good learner for translate().
A snapshot of the Koch Tree

As with all these contributions - if you need further description of the functions just post a request in the forum.

Class() or Subs

Routines provided for common repetitive functions not in Codea

Drag Me class by Simeon

Touch and drag


Code for pretty printing a table by Pixel

Top down turn and fire, shooter by Kikeloop

Randomness by Nat Pryce

Multiple independent random number generators

Rounded Corners by Simeon

For buttons etc.

Snow effect by iPad41001

Add snow to your creations.

Vanishing Point by Ryan

Objects coming at you. Demonstration of drawing from a vanishing point (like in art class).