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FunctionIconFunction-Small.png debug.getinfo() function

The debug.getinfo() function is part of one of Lua's standard libraries that is available in Codea.


debug.getinfo(1) returns a table with information about the function that called getinfo().

That table includes a field source that refers to a string of the code in the tab in which getinfo() was called.

For example, the first tab of a Codea project could include this code:

local code = ""                -- Will hold the code captured from each tab

function captureTab(tabName, tabCode)
    if #code > 0 then code = code.."\n\n" end
    code = code.."--\n-- "..tabName.."\n--\n"                      -- Add the name of the tab
    code = code...string.match(tabCode.source, ".-%-%-%-%-\n(.*)") -- Remove the 'header'

function saveCode(key)
    saveGlobalData(key, code)    -- Save the code in Codea's global storage

The following code can then can be added to the top of each tab that is to be preserved in the global storage. The end of this code 'header' is marked by ----:

captureTab("Name for the tab", debug.getinfo(1))

-- Rest of code in tab...

The code is then preserved in global storage by calling in setup():

function setup()