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Welcome to VLCore

Part of the VectorLinux Core development center

About VLCore

This site is intended to be a center of collaboration for VectorLinux projects. By bringing together users and developers we can build products that better fit the needs of our community. VLCore provides a Wiki, bug tracking system, and source control (git and mercurial) for projects that are related to the VL distribution. The wiki section will host documentation about the development tasks, and we hope it will serve for proposing new features or modifications, and discussing the future of the distro. With the version control system we want to optimize collaborative work and ensure that patches, fixes and contributions will be incorporated into the development process more quickly and efficiently.

Found a bug? Please help out by submitting it!

Most bugs related to VLCore will belong to the VL7.0 distro release project. For other projects, see the projects list. Click below to submit a new bug.

VectorLinux 7.0 Bugs


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