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sbbdep / sbbdep options overview

The help text of sbbdep (0.2.4) gives an first idea and overview about it's functionality.

For detailed and additional information follow the links below the help text.

./sbbdep --help
usage: sbbdep [OPTION]... [QUERY]

 QUERY can be a single binary/library file
              a file from /var/adm/packages
              a package DESTDIR of a slackbuild
              some existing file

 If QUERY is omitted sbbdep runs only the cache synchronisation.
 The default behavior is to find dependencies of QUERY.
 If QUERY is not a binary file or an installed package but a valid file name
 sbbdep will search for the file in the package database. 

 available options:

  -c, --cache=[FILENAME] 
      Cache file to use. The cache file must be read/writable.
      If this option is omitted $HOME/sbbdep.cache is used.  
  -f, --file=[FILENAME]
      write output to file FILENAME
      If this option is omitted the output will go to stdout.   

  -s, --short 
      Report package name without version 

      Skip synchronise the cache. Only useful if cache is up to date.
      If the cache is out of date wrong results might be reported.    

      Suppress status information during sync

      this is the default option if not --whoneeds is used.
      If this option is explicit given and QUERY is not a binary file 
      the search in the package database will be skipped.  
      Instead of printing the requirements of the given QUERY packages that 
      depend on QUERY are reported.

      explain dynamic linked file. Reports detailed information, 
      works with require and whoneeds queries.                                                                                      

     Per default sbbdep uses the ELF information from files for the search 
     of required libraries. Using this option sbbdep will use the ldd command.
     This will not only print direct requirements of a given file but also pull
     in the dependencies of the requirements.
     This option is useless for a --whoneeds query.

     Prints a hierarchical dependency tree of QUERY.
     This can produce a quite long output of for some binaries or libraries and
     a very very big long for some package.

  -l, --lookup
     Search for QUERY in the package database and skip all other operations
     Use DIRNAME as package database. Default is /var/adm/packages 
     Usually you do not want to use this option                         

  -v,  --version
     display sbbdep version

  -h,  --help
     display this text

About the cache and how sbbdep works
this parts captures the -c or --cache and the --nosync options.

About seraching with sbbdep
this parts captures the -s or --short, --whoneeds, --xdl, --ldd and the [QUERY] options.

About the other options
this parts captures the -v or --version, -h or --help, the -f or --file the --quiet options.

About the misc options
this parts captures the -l or --lookup, --bdtree options.