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sbbdep / the cache

sbbdep takes a snap shoot of installed packages, extracts information about binary runtime dependencies and stores these info in a sqlite3 database which is kept in sync.

On it's first run sbbdep indexes all installed packages, search binary and library files and stores the information which is found in a cache.
The file name for the database can be specified with the -c or --cache option, the default location is $HOME/sbbdep.cache.
Of course, the cache file must be read and writeable.

Each time sbbdep is executed it scans the system for changes. If changes are found the cache is updated. This is a very fast operation, but if changes are found there is the constant time where sbbdep needs to resolve symbolic links in the file system.
The synchronisation can be skipped with the --nosync option, however, if changes to the system had happened then the queried information may refer to meanwhile updated or deleted files.

During synchronisation sbbdep reports it's activities to standard output.
If this is unwanted it can be turned off, see the --quiet option.

Since the dependency info is stored in a sqlite3 database the info can be accessed with different tools. The dataschema is more or less self explaining, a README is in the source bundle of sbbdep.

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