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ART / Pipeline


The processing pipeline in ART

Module Color space Notes
Flat field RAW
Dark frame RAW
RAW black points RAW
Vignetting correction RAW
Hot/dead pixel filter RAW
Green equlibration/line noise filter RAW
RAW CA correction RAW
Film negative RAW
Demosaic RAW
Highlight recovery Camera
White balance/White point Camera
Spot removal Camera
Input color profile Camera from Camera to Linear RGB working space
Denoise Linear RGB Gamma controlled by the user
Dehaze Linear RGB
Dynamic range compression Linear RGB
Lens/geometry corrections Linear RGB
Channel mixer Linear RGB
Exposure compensation Linear RGB
HSL equalizer Linear RGB
Tone equalizer Linear RGB
Sharpening Linear RGB
Impulse denoise Linear RGB
Defringe Linear RGB
Color correction Linear RGB
Smoothing Linear RGB
Gradient/vignette filter Linear RGB
Texture boost Linear RGB
Log encoding Linear RGB Maps from scene to display. From this point on we are in display-referred land
Saturation/vibrance Linear RGB
Tone curve Linear RGB Also DCP look table (if selected)
RGB curves Linear RGB
LAB adjustments LAB
Soft light RGB gamma 2.2
Local contrast LAB
Film simulation RGB gamma 2.2 Actual gamma depends on the selected LUT
Black and white RGB gamma 2.2 Gamma 2.2 used for tint, otherwise user controllable
Film grain LAB
Post-resize sharpening Linear RGB
Output color profile LAB LAB to output RGB