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Learn more about ImageMagick:

Nice collection of 'tidbits':

Example use cases

  • Montage (gray background, 2 pixel border, force original size, force horizontal montage)
    • Note: ImageMagick has sometimes issues with low number of colors + creating the correct palette - so force the 24bit mode.
val montage = ImageMagick(in1=input1,in2=input2,
           command="-background '#888888' @in1@ @in2@ -tile 2x -geometry +2+0 PNG24:@out@")
  • Montage from one folder of images:

    val montage = ImageMagick(in1=input_images, files=1,
                extension=".png", binary="montage",
                command="-tile 6x @dir1@/* -geometry 200x200!+0+0 @out@")

  • Image resize

    val halfsize = ImageMagick(in1=input, 
               command="-resize 50%x @in1@ @out@")
    val exactsize = ImageMagick(in1=input, 
               command="-resize 640x480 @in1@ @out@")

  • Logical operations (faster than using -fx)

    val and_operation=ImageMagick(in1=input1, 
            command="-compose Multiply @in1@ @in2@ -composite @out@")

  • Morphological operations

    • Dilate first input by disk of 5 px radius
    • Complement the second input
    • Perform AND operation between the two
      val dilate_neg_and = ImageMagick(in1=BWinput1, in2=BWinput2, 
                 command="@in1@ -morphology Dilate Disk:5 @in2@ -fx \"u[0] & (1-u[1])\" @out@")")
  • Filling masks

    • rather tricky in imagemagick, but doable:
      val filled=ImageMagick(in1=mask_with_holes,
               command="@in1@ -bordercolor black -border 1 -fuzz 10% "+
                       "-fill red -floodfill +0+0 black -fill white +opaque red "+
                       "-fill black -opaque red -shave 1x1 @out@")
  • Marking mask perimeter

    val perimeter=ImageMagick(in1=mask,
             command="@in1@ -morphology EdgeIn Disk:1 -threshold 0 @out@")

  • Image sequence operations

    • read all images in folder, produce 1 image
      val median = ImageMagick(in1=input_images, files=1, 
                 command="@dir1@/* -evaluate-sequence median @out@")
  • Marking pixels with rings

    val rings = ImageMagick(in1=input_images, 
               command="@in1@ -morphology Dilate Ring @out@")

  • Colorization of multiple gray scale images

    val colored=ImageMagick(in=makeArray(red,green,blue,nuclei.perimeter),
                 command=" -compose Plus "+
                         " \\( @a1@ -auto-level +level-colors ,Red \\) "+
                         " \\( @a2@ -auto-level +level-colors ,Green \\) -composite "+
                         " \\( @a3@ -auto-level +level-colors ,Blue \\) -composite "+
                         " \\( @a4@ -auto-level +level-colors ,White \\) -composite "+