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Welcome to the Wiki

This page contains links to documentation about Components, and Helper Classes, as well as the Update Log.

Update Log

The Update Log contains info about all of the different versions of the Scroll Snaps project as well as download links.


These links send you to pages documenting all of the public attributes, public methods, and other information associated with each Component.

Directional Scroll Snap

The Directional Scroll Snap is based on the idea of the scrollable item menu. Items are "snapped to" (aligned with the center of the Directional Scroll Snap) along one axis so that it either scrolls vertically or horizontally. The Directional Scroll Snap also snaps to items pivots not their centers (although you can set it to their center) to give you more options in how you animate & organize your items.

OmniDirectional Scroll Snap

The Omni Directional Scroll Snap is based on the idea of the item/skill tree. The intention being that you could move the Scroll Snap vertically, horizontally, diagonally... or even a bit of each, and when you stopped moving it it would snap to the nearest item. When the Omni Directional Scroll Snap snaps to an item it aligns the item both horizontally and vertically, so the pivot of the item is at the dead center of the Scroll Snap.

Helper Classes


The Scroller is based on the Android Open Source Project's Scroller. It makes it easy to move something from point A to point B in way that's cleaner and more robust than simple lerping.