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Berkeley UPC: runtime package

This is the runtime component of the Berkeley UPC compiler.  It also contains
the 'upcc' front end to the UPC compilation system (like 'gcc' is the front end
to the GNU C compiler).

To use this code, you need to build this package, configuring it to use
an instance of any (one or more) of the following;
(1) The Berkeley UPC-to-C translator, which comes as a separate package
    see http://upc.lbl.gov/download
(2) the GNU UPC binary UPC compiler
    see http://www.gccupc.org/
(3) the Clang-upc2c UPC-to-C translator
    see https://github.com/Intrepid/upc2c/wiki
(4) the Clang UPC binary UPC compiler
    see https://github.com/Intrepid/clang-upc/wiki

See the INSTALL.TXT file in this directory for detailed instructions on

For a list of the platforms currently supported by Berkeley UPC, see

For user documentation, and information on some of the internals of the Berkeley
UPC runtime implementation, see the files in the 'docs' directory.  

For more detailed internal documentation, see README.developers in the 
git source repository: