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Berkeley UPC Runtime

Welcome to the primary source repository for the Berkeley UPC Runtime! (aka "UPCR")
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For more info on Berkeley UPC, please visit the Berkeley UPC homepage

Branch structure

Active Branches

The active UPCR branches are described in the table below. As of May 2019, these all target the new GASNet-EX API variant of the GASNet communication backend, and correspond to a 20xx.y.z version numbering scheme.

Branch Update Frequency Description
develop Bleeding-edge Day-to-day development, target for all pull requests
master Roughly semi-annually Official releases, thoroughly tested and hosted on (complete archive)

All UPCR branches strictly follow a linear git history discipline.

Inactive Branches

The following inactive branches archive predecessor implementations (corresponding to UPCR versions 1.* and 2.*), which are no longer maintained:

Branch Description
develop-upcr-2 2.* development, currently frozen