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UPC++ v1.0 Training Materials

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For citation info and other publications, please see Publications

Video Tutorials from the UPC++ YouTube Channel (please subscribe!)

Hands-on Tutorial for UPC++, presented at SC21 Tutorial Materials

Docker container with UPC++

We maintain a Linux Docker container with UPC++.

Assuming you have a Linux-compatible Docker environment, you can get a working UPC++ environment in seconds with the following command:

docker run -it --rm upcxx/linux-amd64
The UPC++ commands inside the container are upcxx (compiler wrapper) and upcxx-run (run wrapper), and the home directory contains some example codes. Note this container is designed for test-driving UPC++ on a single node, and is not intended for long-term development or use in production environments.

The container above supports the SMP and UDP backends, and does not include an MPI install. If you additionally need MPI support, there is also a larger "full" variant of the container that includes both UPC++ and MPI:

docker run -it --rm upcxx/linux-amd64-full
For details on hybrid programming with MPI, see Mixing UPC++ with MPI.