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Issue #1795 resolved
Daniel Zoller created an issue

the year of a reference in the review text or comment text is renderer twice

see http://www.biblicious.org/url/108eca7b644e2c5e09853619bc416ed0#discussionbox "Hotho et al., 2006" vs. "Hotho et al., 20062006"

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  1. Viktor Hemsen

    a citation-object contains "year" and "literal" (both the same year-value) in the "issued" field. the citeproc.js puts them together

    if (state.tmp.date_object.literal && "year" === this.strings.name) {
     state.output.append(state.tmp.date_object.literal, this);

    it'd be easy to solve by just adding a !(state.tmp.date_object.year.toString() == state.tmp.date_object.literal) to the if-condition but citeproc is an external tool and with the next citeproc-update the change is gone.. any thoughts on this? thanks

  2. Sebastian Böttger

    We cannot solve this problem by removing the "literal" attribute in CslModelConverter because the TYPO3 and WordPress extensions are using this attribute for sorting of the post lists. In order to circumvent this problem, we can remove this attribute on the client side using JavaScript. Anyhow, this is a temporarily workaround which should stay only for a transitional period.

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