Pin a comment in issues for Bitbucket Cloud

Every few weeks, we set aside a week for what we like to call “Innovation Week”. During that time, our developers can work on whatever they like – feature enhancements, new features, bug fixes, performance improvements, etc. Today, we’re releasing one of the projects from our most recent Innovation Week: the ability to pin a comment in issues as an “Official response“:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 3.31.37 PM

Repository administrators can now pin their comment to the top of an issue's comments section. It will be highlighted as an “Official response” right below the issue’s description and can be used for communicating a resolution status, highlighting open questions, or providing additional context and clarification. It will be particularly useful for large open-source repositories or repositories owned by organizations with large user bases.

This feature is available now for all users. Happy pinning!