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Workflow optimization

How do you use addons, dependency management tools, etc. to optimize your workflow?

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CI/CD in the cloud

What were some of the challenges with implementing CI/CD in the cloud and how did you address them?

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Cool use cases for web hooks

Have you used web hooks in creative ways? Tell us how.

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Code review process

How do you do code review? Tell us about your check points and process.

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Managing large repos

How do you deal with the challenges that come with maintaining large repos?

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Monorepos and Microservices

When is the right or wrong time to use monorepos?

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Please attribute all research, images and statistics with source links.

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After publication, you can republish on your blog with this attribution: "Originally published on <link to original post>."

Sample posts on our site

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A better pull request

If you're using Git, you're probably using pull requests. They've been around in some form or other since the...

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Neat features in Git 2.7

Git 2.7 has been released with a plethora of features, fixes and performance improvements. Here are some of the neat features...

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Code approval process explained

Professional teams that produce quality software and maintainable systems often employ a lightweight process...

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