App passwords are here in Bitbucket Cloud

Keeping your code secure is crucial. That’s why last year we added support for 2-factor authentication. However, only having native 2FA support limits you from accessing Bitbucket repositories via 3rd party applications. Today, we’re excited to announce application-specific passwords (a.k.a. app passwords), which will allow you to just do that. App passwords let applications access Bitbucket’s API via HTTPS when 2-factor authentication is enabled on your Bitbucket account.

app password list retina

For example, you can use an app password in SourceTree to get full desktop access to your repositories when you have 2FA enabled. From the command line, you can make API calls with the app password instead of the account password, like:

curl --user bitbucket_user:app_password

Granular scopes
You can set the scope of app passwords when you create them and give each application exactly the access it needs. We show you the last time each app password was used to access Bitbucket, and if you want, you can easily revoke an app password if something changes.

app password create retina

You can create and manage app passwords in the Access Management section of your account settings, or check out the docs to learn more.

Happy (and secure) coding!