Atlassian Intelligence features for Bitbucket Cloud are now in beta!

We're excited to announce that Atlassian Intelligence features are now in beta and are available to all workspace admins to activate in their workspace settings. Generative AI in the editor lets you generate, transform, and summarize content while you're writing Pull Request descriptions or comments in the Bitbucket Cloud code review experience.

How do I get started? Activate Atlassian Intelligence

All Bitbucket Cloud workspace admins may now activate Atlassian Intelligence beta features via workspace settings. Activating Atlassian Intelligence in Bitbucket Cloud is independent of other Atlassian products. If you previously activated AI for your other products you will still need to follow these steps to activate it for Bitbucket Cloud.

Here are the steps for workspace admins to activate Atlassian Intelligence:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Manage for the desired workspace if you have more than one. Alternatively, you can select Settings > Workspace Settings from your current workspace.
  3. Select Atlassian Intelligence from the menu on the leftReview and accept the Atlassian Intelligence terms and conditions.
  4. Select Activate to enable Atlassian Intelligence for the users in your workspace.
  5. You may return to this screen to deactivate or reactivate Atlassian Intelligence as often as you want.

If you've already activated Atlassian Intelligence previously in Admin Hub, you will still need to perform these steps for Bitbucket Cloud. Learn more about the AI features now available.

Generative AI in the Atlassian Editor

For this initial release we are making the same generative AI features found in our other Atlassian products available within the editor in our Pull Request experience. We plan to offer many more editor prompts specific to code and code review over the coming months but wanted to make this functionality available as soon as possible.

Check out this demo of what you can do today:

Feedback Requested

The features available with this beta are just a hint of what we want to achieve with Atlassian Intelligence in Bitbucket Cloud. We plan to add more functionality to the editor as well as other AI enhancements within Bitbucket Cloud.

Please tell us what you think and offer suggestions for more Atlassian Intelligence features in Bitbucket Cloud.