Bamboo, Grove, and AgileZen. Oh my!

Bitbucket has added three new service brokers for your post-commit enjoyment.

The  Bamboo CI service broker for Bitbucket services lets you integrate with your Bamboo builds. Simply punch in your build server details, and Bitbucket will ping your Bamboo CI server when a new commit is pushed.

Use the Grove service broker for Bitbucket. Connect your repo to Grove to have your commits pushed to your Grove IRC room.

Last but not least we have added an AgileZen service broker for Bitbucket . Connect your repo to AgileZen to publish your commits to your AgileZen cards.

These integrations are built using Bitbucket's Service Broker API — as always, if you are interested in writing a new broker, check out our developer guide "Writing Brokers for Bitbucket".