Beautiful and relevant notifications

Staying up to date on code activity in Bitbucket just got easier. As part of our on-going notifications improvements we have completely redesigned the email notification experience. More control, more options and new HTML emails give you the information you want, when you want it.

Bitbucket HTML emails

Every email has been rethought and redesigned for clarity and to keep the most important information front and center. Also, if you want to quickly react to changes you can quickly jump to the context of the notifications to Bitbucket with one-click. If your email does not accept HTML content, Bitbucket will fallback to text.

It’s not all looks, we added a few more improvements:

  • Reply to comments via email: by simply replying to an email you can reply to code comments and contribute to the discussion
  • Un-clutter you inbox: all emails now include a single click "Unwatch" link to help you un-watch activity that is not relevant to you.

Control the flow

Even beautiful emails can be annoying if you get too many or the wrong ones. To this end Bitbucket has changed some of the default rules around when you are notified of specific events. We think we have gotten the balance just right, however we do realize that everyones workflow is different so we have a included a number of new ways to customize the notifications Bitbucket sends.

Repository subscriptions

On the repository header you’ll notice a new control that allows you to customize the messages you receive when collaborating on a repository.

Bitbucket repo watch widget

When watching a repository you’ll receive updates via your newsfeed. At times, you may want to receive emails on specific types of messages you care most about including:

  • Pull requests – all pull request changes (new, updated commits, comments, transitions)
  • Commits – when a new commit is added or a comment is left
  • Forks – when a new contributor folks your repository
  • Issue  – all issues changes (new, updates, transitions, or comments)
  • Wiki – all wiki changes (new page creation or updates)

If you’re already watching a repository and have write or admin access, we’ve configured the watch setting so that you’ll receive notifications for pull requests and issues by default. Other times you might expect to receive an email:

  • For any pull request, commit, or issue that you’ve created, commented, or updated in the past
  • If you leave a comment or someone @mentions you – you’ll automatically begin watching the thread so you can stay on top of updated conversations

Command and control center

You can use the new “Notifications” account management preference center to fine-tune your existing watches.

Notifications preference center

  • Manage which individual repositories, pull requests and issues you’re watching
  • Unsubscribe to all notifications on Bitbucket
  • Configure one-off emails such as when someone mentions you or if you want to receive product updates about Bitbucket

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