Bedrock Analytics speeds up with Bitbucket

[Editor's Note: This is the first of a series of guest blog posts around Bitbucket. This post is written by Will Salcido, CEO & Co-Founder of Bedrock Analytics Corporation. If you are interested in writing a guest post about your usage of Bitbucket, or best practices & tips, please contact us at, and we will reach out to you.]


Will Salcido is the CEO & Co-Founder of Bedrock Analytics Corporation. Will spent over a decade in the field of analytics across several leadership roles at Nestle, Novartis, Ghirardelli & Lindt. He developed analytical software for Ghirardelli that led him to solo-deploy the solution across 11 European countries in 2011. Bedrock Analytics is a data visualization and analytics software company based out of Oakland, CA.

The idea for what would become Bedrock Analytics came to me while I was working in Stockholm, Sweden. After nine international deployments of the analytical solution I had built for Ghirardelli & Lindt, I discovered that nearly all consumer product companies had similar issues working with data. Bedrock's data visualization software enables consumer product companies to extract actionable insights from retail data. The software fills a skills gap for small to midsized companies and makes larger enterprises more efficient by automating the discovery of insights. Our customer base of consumer product companies spans throughout North America, Central America, and Europe.


In the very beginning, we had a single person with access to the source code. It wasn’t until we started hiring additional engineering staff that we began exploring the different hosted repository providers. We tested a few options and after careful deliberation, we ended up choosing Bitbucket.

We chose Bitbucket since it allowed us to collaborate within our development team using the built-in wiki and the "pull request' workflow, and had the ability to scale along with our company. We recently hired engineering talent in Eastern Europe and Bitbucket allowed us to manage our development projects in an efficient manner. Bitbucket has made it possible to segregate our code in ways that enabled different specialized teams to work in parallel on different portions of our source code while keeping everything organized in a single platform. Most importantly, we are also looking forward to integrating Bitbucket with other Atlassian and non-Atlassian products as we continue to grow.

Our engineers like the fact that Bitbucket offers unlimited private repositories to store smaller ongoing projects. Having the ability to track changes made in each repository has saved the team countless hours. We are in the middle of scaling our processes and Bitbucket has become a critical part of how we are gaining efficiencies within our development team.

Like any fast-growing startup, our company's greatest advantage is our speed. Bedrock Analytics speeds up with Bitbucket.