Bitbucket Data Center is now available for growing teams

Whether you’re burning the midnight oil at a startup or starting a new project within a larger organization, we want to be part of your Git journey. And in order to do that, we need to be there from the start. So Bitbucket Data Center now offers source code collaboration for professional teams, across any distance, whether your team is small or large.

Keep reading to learn more about what Bitbucket Data Center can offer any team, and how you can grow with Atlassian products.

Bitbucket Data Center is a next generation Git solution

Image 1_next-gen-git-1200pxWhen tools are mission critical to your work, you can’t afford any downtime. It doesn’t matter if your team is made up of 25 or 2,500 people; what matters is that your team can do what needs to be done without worrying about outages. This makes a deployment option like Bitbucket Data Center the solution for teams of all sizes and working together across the globe.

Fo example, if your Git solution gets hit with multiple users and clients (think CI/CD) then you need a highly available tool. Bitbucket Data Center is the only Git solution with out-of-the-box active-active clustering, which provides uninterrupted access to your source code even during an unexpected outage with zero downtime.

For distributed and/or large teams, Bitbucket Data Center provides features like smart mirroring and Git LFS (Large File Storage) to help with performance. Let’s look at a team at Atlassian that fits this bill. The JIRA Software team has teams located in Sydney, Australia and Gdansk, Poland. In a typical workday it’s common for a developer in Gdansk to need access to a repository hosted in Sydney. Instead of having to wait hours to clone the repository, the developer in Gdansk can clone and create a branch from the mirror that we have set up in Gdansk within just a few minutes because of our Git mirroring. By speeding up clone times, our teams aren’t worried about lost development time and can work more efficiently across countries and continents.

Git LFS, on the other hand, is meant for teams that work with large media assets like images and videos. At Atlassian Git LFS helps our designers, tech writers, and build engineers to be more productive when working with developers, because assets can be versioned in Bitbucket Data Center. This means that developers don’t need to shoulder tap or leave their code when working with assets like videos or audio files, because they have the information they need to make exceptional UI experiences at scale. As software development moves more and more into the direction of distributed agile development and even into the land of apps that require large files and slick designs, it’s a necessity for tooling to support various ways of working.

Bitbucket Data Center offers the only solution with default reviewers

Git innovationReliability is not the only reason why teams can grow with Bitbucket Data Center. It’s a combination of using highly available tools and features that help teams move fast. A small team might be tired of hearing “We need to move faster,” and a mid-size team might feel the pains of “Our team is growing and we need a more sophisticated way to manage our source code.” Wherever you fall on this spectrum of size, everyone should have the same access to features that help them get what needs to be done, done.

Pull requests are a great example of a feature in Bitbucket Data Center that help teams innovate, because they’re set up to yield quick turnaround times for code reviews and help teams ship faster and deliver value quickly to customers. Pull requests are also set up to include default reviewers and commit-level review. The commit-level review, for example, shows comments within a pull request, so reviewers can see what changes are being made through a code review.

But pull requests are not the only feature built around teams and collaboration. At Atlassian, smart commits give developers the ability to transition JIRA Software issues by embedding specific commands into a commit message from the source code. Developers also use code search to search code to find exactly what they’re looking for, right from the search bar. Pull requests, smart commits, and code search are especially important as your instance, project, and teams grow to keep organized and moving quickly.

Bitbucket Data Center integrates and can be built upon

Besides high availability and features that help growing teams collaborate, Bitbucket Data Center can act as a development platform by setting up integrations. If your team uses existing Atlassian tools, like JIRA Software and Bamboo, you can set up Bitbucket Data Center with these tools for full traceability and continuous integration or continuous delivery.

The Atlassian marketplace, offers hundreds of add-ons to meet your team’s needs outside of integrations with Atlassian tools. Integrations are important to any team and a Git solution needs to support end users, Applinks with other Atlassian tools, API calls, and/or WebHooks without slowing down response times. So the sheer number of end users becomes only one part of a larger story of your greater ALM solution (Application Lifecycle Management) no matter how small or large your business is.

By adopting Bitbucket Data Center as a small team, from day one, you are working with a solution designed for professional teams and rooted in team collaboration. This tool is also now meant to grow with your business as your team grows, wherever you are in the world.

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