Bitbucket migration post-mortem

Over night we ran into a hiccup with SSH authentications. For this we apologize.

When anyone uploaded a new SSH key after the roll out of our new setup, the new key would overwrite the existing SSH key store. If you attempted to authenticate to your repositories using SSH during this time, your authentication would have failed. A stray process in charge of handling the store kept us in check and it took us a while to track it down.

A couple of hours ago we rolled out a fix for the problem and all of your SSH authentications should be working as expected.

Onto better news…

After switching the main application servers over during our 1 hour maintenance period, we began migrating everyone’s repositories from our EC2 storage system to the Contegix data center asynchronously. When the last repository was switched over, we turned off the EC2 load balancer and began redirecting all traffic directly to Contegix.

The performance numbers are in and hopefully you all are seeing the same level of increase that we are!



Many thanks to everyone for their patience during this migration period.

We’ll be posting a follow-up post with more technical juicy details on the migration and how we did it.