Bitbucket team forks new members

We’re happy to announce that four new members have joined the Bitbucket team:

Brodie Rao has joined the team as our resident Mercurial expert. He’s been a committer to the Mercurial project for two years, focusing his effort on extensions, CLI, usability improvements and handling bugs.
Nicolas Venegas has been an Atlassian for two years, spending his time on the FishEye, Crucible and JIRA teams as a user interface developer. He’s the guy behind the kick-ass side-by-side diff feature, developed as a “FedEx” project. As part of the Bitbucket team, he will be helping design and implement the interface for new features.
Erik van Zijst has been an Atlassian for two years on the FishEye, Crucible and integration teams, building features such as the Google Apps integration for JIRA Studio and the Atlassian Plugin Framework. On Bitbucket he’ll serve as tactical support to Jesper, helping to keep the application humming and stable as we scale up users and features.
David Chambers is a Kiwi new to both Bitbucket and Atlassian. He’s joining the team as a front-end ninja and part-time Python and Django developer. David has an unhealthy obsession with definition lists, and a very healthy interest in HTML5 and CSS3. He blogs occasionally at