Bitbucket’s SSL certificate is changing for SHA-2

We'll be replacing our main SSL certificate on May 8 at 00:00 UTC. The new certificate is signed with SHA-2, so Chrome and Firefox users will no longer see certificate warnings when they load any Bitbucket page.

Most users won’t notice the change, and won’t have to take any action. However, if you're using Mercurial over HTTPS, you may see this error message:

abort: certificate for has unexpected fingerprint
(check hostfingerprint configuration)

If you see this error, you'll need to update the host fingerprint for in your ~/.hgrc or Mercurial.ini configuration file:

[hostfingerprints] = 46:de:34:e7:9b:18:cd:7f:ae:fd:8b:e3:bc:f4:1a:5e:38:d7:ac:24

Thanks, and happy branching!