Bitbucket’s SSL certificates are changing

On April 9th at 01:30 UTC, we’ll be updating our SSL certificates as a response to the Heartbleed bug. This change is the final step in ensuring that our systems are not vulnerable. We apologize for the short notice.

It’s likely that you won’t notice any changes and won’t need to take any action. However, if you’re using Mercurial over HTTPS, you may see this error message:

abort: certificate for has unexpected fingerprint
(check hostfingerprint configuration)

If you see this error, you’ll need to update the host fingerprint for in your ~/.hgrc or Mercurial.ini configuration file:

[hostfingerprints] = 45:AD:AE:1A:CF:0E:73:47:06:07:E0:88:F5:CC:10:E5:FA:1C:F7:99

Thanks, and happy forking!