Build information from Bitbucket Pipelines is now available in Jira Software

Last year we improved the Bitbucket Pipelines and Deployments integration with Jira Software Cloud, giving teams greater visibility into their deployments by surfacing Jira issue information in Bitbucket Deployments and Bitbucket deployment information in Jira.

Today we are improving this integration further with the addition of Bitbucket Pipelines build information inside Jira Software. Now any member of your team has unmatched visibility into your software delivery pipeline in Jira, and means Bitbucket Cloud is the only tool that offers continuous visibility from backlog through to release with Jira Software.

Deeper visibility of work-in-progress

In the past it was hard to get a full picture of the status of a Jira issue in the context of your delivery pipeline. Team members would often have to switch between tools to view the build and deployment status of a Jira issue, or have no access to that information at all.

With the addition of build information in Jira, any user can get visibility into the delivery pipeline for a Jira issue associated with Bitbucket Cloud. The Jira issue screen provides build status information at a glance and, coming soon, JQL support will be added so you can create advanced searches and filters.

Teams will be able to use JQL to set up a custom view to alert them of any Jira issues assigned to them with failed builds. Viewing this information in Jira helps troubleshoot errors as it surfaces context around associated work items, build history, and who has previously worked on the issue.

More confidence with releases

The Release Hub in Jira shows the progress of your next release and is used to understand and communicate which features are likely to ship and the work that still needs to be done. Teams can now use the Release Hub to understand the build status of Jira issues in a release, this helps delivery teams identify potential issues that could delay the release and gives the team the confidence to release earlier and more often.

Get started with build information in Jira Software

To add build information:

  1. Connect Jira and Bitbucket.
  2. Mention the Jira issue key in the branch name, for example: "PT-323 my branch".

This will connect "my branch" with Jira issue "PT-323" and send build information to Jira whenever there is a build event in Bitbucket Pipelines.

Learn more about how Jira and Bitbucket work together.