Pair Bitbucket with Bamboo OnDemand for Continuous Integration in the Cloud

Bamboo is a great tool used to automate tests, builds, deployments and releases of software. Last week, Atlassian upgraded the OnDemand offering to run the most updated version of Bamboo, bringing in many new features to improve a dev team’s CI experience.

How does this announcement affect Bitbucket users? Let’s dive into the relevant features to find out…

Build from Bitbucket

Bamboo OnDemand can now pull code from your Git and Mercurial repositories hosted on Bitbucket. That’s right – you can now run builds in the cloud off of your Bitbucket repos! Commit some code into your repo, and trigger a Bamboo build to make sure your latest commit doesn’t introduce new bugs. Bamboo OnDemand even supports Git submodules.

Plan Branches

When a new branch is created in your Bitbucket repository, you often need to configure existing tests to run against your branch. Bamboo can automatically detect these new branches and apply your existing tests so that you know when your code can be merged into your main line of development. If your development team uses feature branches, plan branches work perfectly with pull requests to simplify your workflow.

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Automatic Merging

With each commit to a branch, Bamboo can now grab code from a second branch, merge the two, run your Plan against the merged code, and if successful, push the merged code to either branch. Great for ensuring longer-lived branches don't drift too far from the main line, or for two developers collaborating on a feature using their own feature branches.

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JIRA Issues

If a build fails off code committed in Bitbucket, you might want to raise an issue to get it fixed. Forget all that inefficient context switching, and create JIRA issues from any build results page in Bamboo. With the JIRA DVCS Connector linking JIRA to Bitbucket, you can now have a complete development suite with source, issues, and tests – all hosted in the cloud.

So what are you waiting for!? Sign up for Bitbucket and check out Atlassian OnDemand today!

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