Default Pull Request Tasks

There are multiple ways to create a task on a pull request. They can be added from the sidebar, top-level pull request comments, file-level comment or inline comments.

Once created, they all appear in the sidebar.

On any repository, merge checks can be configured for any branch to only allow merging if all pull request tasks are resolved.

This is a very useful functionality if some tasks are critical to be resolved before changes are merged.

But what if there are tasks that you would like to apply to all and any pull requests in a given repository?

We have added default tasks that can be configured in your repository settings.

You can add any number of default tasks to your repository configuration.

Once done, these tasks will be automatically added to every new pull request.

You can make changes to the list at any time and it will be applied to every subsequent new pull request. You can also remove all default tasks and simply not use this feature. All pull requests that already have tasks will continue to have them unless they are manually removed from the pull requests themselves.