Disk space is cheap, have some

As per our last post, we’ve recently switched to a much more powerful I/O setup, and not only do we have more throughput, we also gained a lot more disk space.

Disk space is cheap these days, so we figured we’d give all the plans an upgrade.

Not wanting to pull these numbers out of the air, we used this well-known formula:

This is now the offering:

  • Free plans now at 1 GiB (was 150 MiB.)
  • Amateur now has 2.5 GIB (was 500 MiB.)
  • Pro now has 5.0 GiB (was 1 GiB.)
  • Large now has 26 GiB (was 5 GiB.)
  • Team now has 50 GiB (was 25 GiB.)


EDIT: Almost forgot to mention, forks won’t count towards your diskspace (unless you fork your own repository.)