We are rolling out Docker v20 to Pipelines in June 2021

Docker v20 was officially released a few months ago, bringing new features that will make your builds faster and more secure. We will be progressively rolling out the new version to Bitbucket Pipelines throughout the month of June 2021.


Actions required

We do not expect the majority of the builds to be impacted by this upgrade. However, if your project is using Pipelines docker service (docker service in the bitbucket-pipeline.yml file), you might want to review your code and/or dependencies that interact with Docker daemon and update them if needed. It will not impact the build if it is not using the Docker service.

The easiest way to make sure your pipelines will work after the update is by updating your local Docker to v20 and testing your local builds with it. For a more comprehensive check, you can try the following steps:

For example, if you are using testcontainers-java, please consider updating to newer versions (1.15.1 minimum).

Additional information