Editing Pull Requests just got a little easier

Bitbucket Cloud’s code review experience is highlighted by the pull request view – a central place to view and discuss proposed changes, create actionable tasks from discussion, and reach a consensus on the changes making their way to your codebase.

Old way of making changes

As an author of a pull request, you may want to update the details of the pull request after its creation for a multitude of reasons such as providing more context for reviewers, uploading media such as images to emphasize changes being proposed etc. The current way to update a pull request is to click on the “Edit” button along the other pull request action buttons.

This will bring you to the update pull request page where you can make changes to the title, description, reviewers and specify whether to close the branch after the pull request has been merged.

Although this has been a straightforward way to update pull requests, the team has realized that we can reduce some of the steps needed to make simple updates, which translates to a better user experience for pull request authors.

(New experience) Edit the title and description without moving pages

Starting today, the pull request title and description can be edited directly on the pull request view itself without having to move to the update page. Customers who have used Jira Cloud’s issue view may be familiar with the behavior they’ll see with Bitbucket Cloud’s pull requests.


The pull request title when hovered over will emphasize its ability to be clicked, after which a user can make changes by clicking anywhere on the title and confirming their changes with the action buttons to the right (or by using their keyboard).


Similarly, the pull request’s description can also be updated by clicking within the highlighted area upon hover and using the save/cancel buttons (or keyboard). As a bonus, the description is now collapsible so that users can hide long descriptions and reduce visual clutter as they view a pull request.

What’s next?

Being able to edit the title and description directly on the pull request view is just a stepping stone in our efforts to improve Bitbucket Cloud’s code review experience. We think these changes will help pull request authors face less friction in updating their pull requests as the review of their changes progresses. We’ll continue listening to your feedback to improve this feature and the rest of our user experience.