Free JetBrains IDE plugin for Bitbucket

JetBrains IDEs integrate with Bitbucket

Atlassian has worked with JetBrains to develop a new Bitbucket plugin for the JetBrains IDEs that offers integration allowing you to:

  • checkout your existing Bitbucket repository and auto-open it as a project
  • share a project on Bitbucket instantly, without leaving the IDE
  • integrates with PyCharms native Mercurial GUI client

The plugin works perfectly well with all of the IDEs built on the IntelliJ Platform (Python, Ruby, Java, PHP). If you are not familiar with the IDEs from JetBrains, we highly recommend checking them out to increase your developer productivity.

We have also made the Bitbucket JetBrains IDE connector source freely available on Bitbucket if you would like to contribute a change of your own.